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JP Carpet Cleaning is a small family business based in Midlothian. We offer a range of services such as Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Rug cleaning as well as Armchair cleaning and Sofa cleaning. Our main focus is to leave every customer happy and satisfied with each service we provide. We also take care of commercial services such as carpet cleaning in Restaurants.

Our upholstery cleaning process

Carpet cleaning

SOFA 3 SEARER OR ABOVE: £60 upwards
STAIRS: £45 upwards
SMALL HALL: £35 upwards
ARMCHAIR: £20 upwards
RUGS: £20 upwards

Package deals

3 BEDROOMS: £100

Contact us

Tel. 07935 811 931


These Terms And Conditions Apply To Services Of JP Carpet Cleaning.
1. Customer needs to provide access to the property, provide running water and electricity. Any parking fees needs to be paid by the Customer or will be added to the total price of the service.
2. No jobs will be booked without required details such as full name, address, and contact number.
3. Be aware of the fact that the time of appointments is approximate, we could be up to 20 minutes early or late. If we are running more than 20 minutes late we will give you a heads up beforehand.
4. Our services don’t include moving around heavy furniture or personal belongings. We require you to take care of removing heavy furniture and personal belongings before our service. This doesn’t apply to light furniture such as chairs or small tables.
5. We request a 24 hours notice to cancel appointments.
6. Payments for cleaning services must be made in cash or bank transfer, we don’t accept checks. Payment options need to be agreed in advance.
7. We don’t guarantee that drying time will be the same for every situation and material, different things can affect drying such as by the weather, temperature, and airflow on premises.
8. Our insurance covers damages done by JP Carpet Cleaning workers. However we will not be held accountable for existing damages that were already on the premises.
9. We don’t guarantee that ALL stains will be removed. We insure that we will use the best tools and products to treat different stains but that doesn’t insure that they’ll always be removed.
10. By booking with JP Carpet Cleaning, Customers accepts the above Terms and Conditions.